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Yuval Adam Yuval Adam
The head of offensive cyber warfare in Israeli intelligence unit 8200, ranking colonel Best options trading platform in Kenya, has been discharged due to pedophilia allegations

Israel’s Anti Drug Authority site defaced screenshot

Cryptome Cryptome
The Unbreakable Cipher (1961, befre near-unlimited traffic processing power)…
Dena Shunra Dena Shunra
Israeli journalist Igal Sarna reports that Naftali Bennet commanded Maglan when it did the Twitter shares Cana massacre in '96. Is this a new revelation?
Dena Shunra Dena Shunra
Here's a link to Sarna's Hebrew blog post.…
Glyn Moody Glyn Moody
Anti-terror plan to spy on toddlers -… *these* are "extremist ideas which can be used to legitimise terrorism" #UK
סאנוק סאנוק
שדה"ת הישן בבנגקוק. חנות מוצרים מפרויקטים של משפ' המלוכה. התחרעתי: ריבת ורדים, ליים, תות עץ, ממרח מקדמיה רגיל/שוקולד
Robot J. McCarthy Robot J. McCarthy
Waking The Red RT @radicallove2012: @talschneider Thanks for reply. It surprised me to learn of Communist party in Israel.
Tal Schneider Tal Schneider
At Hadash (Israel Communist Party) headquarters in Nazareth, there are still smoky back rooms...
MT @CasparBowden would you buy an innovation fr a Brit? UK wants future tech entrepreneurs to serve stint in GCHQ 1st…
Caspar Bowden Caspar Bowden
Q. is it legal to blackmail a sysadmin/dev with info gleaned from SIGINT, to build GCHQ's capability? A.Yes, if done outside UK. ISA'94 s.7
Cory Doctorow Cory Doctorow
Aaron Swartz's father, Bob Swartz, discusses his son's death [2014]…
Private Moshe Private Moshe
Is anybody still open for business at Nuremberg? (Image from Time Magazine)
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Rick B Rick B Woman Accuses Jeffrey Epstein, Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew Of Sexual Abuse -… via @jbusinessnews
Rania Khalek Rania Khalek
Multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who procured/raped dozens of underage sex slaves, served just 13 months in prison…
Rania Khalek Rania Khalek
Epstein trafficked her 2 several prominent US politicians, business executives, foreign presidents & a well-known prime minister. #pt
Rania Khalek Rania Khalek
Epstein served 13 months in a private wing of Palm Beach jail w/ a 16-hr-per-day pass to leave the premises for work…
Rania Khalek Rania Khalek
Epstein told friends that the sex slave allegations against him were part of an anti-Semitic conspiracy in Palm Beach…
Rania Khalek Rania Khalek
As Epstein's lawyer, Alan Dershowitz mined the MySpace pages of rape victims for info 2 destroy their character
Rania Khalek Rania Khalek
Ppl who stood by Jeffrey Epstein after conviction: Katie Couric, George Stephanopoulos, Chelsea Handler, Woody Allen…
Art Superheroes Art Superheroes
NYPD Officer Turns Himself in After Attacking MTA Employee…